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I can’t sleep. #noises

Volant au vent
Ne t’arrête pas
Vers la mer
Haut dans les airs
Un enfant te voit
Voyage insolent
Troubles enivrants
Amours innocentes
Suivent ta voie
Suivent ta voie
En volant
Volant au vent
Ne t’arrête pas
Vers la mer
Haut dans les airs
Un enfant te voit
Et dans la tourmente
Tes ailes triomphantes
N’oublie pas de revenir
Vers moi” – Read on Path.

Brilliantly written, balanced & astute analysis of Kim Yuna and the Sochi figure skating results.

The outcome will do nothing to diminish the bulletproof legacy of Kim Yu-na, quite possibly the greatest to ever do it. Pity the same can’t be said for the sport she leaves behind.

About the scoring system for figure skating - Rhythmic Gymnastics is another sport where a gymnast’s score could be determined before she steps on the carpet, via the checklist of elements and difficulties she declares she will perform in her routine.

It is a sport Russia has dominated ferociously. A sport of regular judging controversy and accusations of bias. A sport now fighting to restore the elegance, grace and balletic beauty it was once renown for, before it turned mostly into a spectacle of prancing contortionist clowns in sequins.

You probably have never heard or seen much of it, except during the summer Olympics.

So what next, for figure skating?


Why is everyone talking about who I should or shouldn’t have gone out with when clearly what we should be focusing on is how I was the brightest motherfucking witch of my age and made a polyjuice potion when I was 13?


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Mao Asada and Kim Yuna have announced this Olympic to be the last in their careers. This is a brilliant article, highlighting the girls’ similarities and differences, but above all, I am convinced that they were made to inspire and challenge each other.
Born 20 days apart in September 1990, Asada and Kim had become national heroes in their respective nations when they were in their mid-teens.
This will be their 2nd Olympics together; I watched their Vancouver finals in Tokyo 4 years ago where Japan’s heart broke as they witnessed Asada relegated to silver as Kim swept gold with her artistry and expression.

On Asada:

Asada continued to compete after Vancouver, saying she wanted to totally revise her skating. She began training under a new coach, Nobuo Sato, who has always had a policy of letting his skaters take one day off from practice a week. Asada asked Sato, “What’s wrong with practicing every day?”
On Kim:
In spring 2012, she admitted facing difficulties training the same way on an almost daily basis for more than a decade. However, she had a change of heart due to a comment made by Shin Hye-sook, who once again became Kim’s coach after Vancouver. “If you do not win spots for South Korea at the next world championships, your juniors will not be able to appear in future Olympics,” Shin told her. With a new goal, Kim’s wavering disappeared and she announced she was continuing as an active skater.
Who is your favourite?